Ramesh Sharma


"As we celebrate this significant milestone, let us not only commemorate the years gone by but also look ahead with optimism and determination."

Dear Esteemed Directors,

Shareholders and staffs,

With immense joy and gratitude, I extend my heartfelt greetings on the joyous occasion of the 25th anniversary of Universal College of Medical Sciences, Bhairahawa.

On this day, I remember the toward of UCMS Mr. Balachandran Nair who all the way from Kerala, India came to Nepal & established this great institution 25 year back of the solid foundation & he Laid 25 years ago has new grown to a solid institute.

Reflecting on this incredible journey, it fills my heart with pride to acknowledge the significant milestones achieved under our team of investors, who took the helm when the college faced financial challenges in 2009. We prioritized stability, ensuring the regular and timely payment of staff salaries, a commitment that remains unwavering to this day. This dedication to our staff has been instrumental in fostering a nurturing and conducive environment for both academic and professional growth.

We recognized the need for diversification and innovation in our academic offerings. Consequently, new academic programs across various faculties were introduced. This foresight not only broadened the scope of education but also enriched the learning experience for our students, preparing them to navigate the dynamic landscape of the healthcare industry.

A cornerstone of our commitment has been the meticulous development of infrastructure. In the face of challenges, we undertook the ambitious task of bringing all facets of the college and teaching hospital under one compound. This not only enhanced operational efficiency but also created a unified space conducive to holistic learning, research, and healthcare services.

As we celebrate this significant milestone, let us not only commemorate the years gone by but also look ahead with optimism and determination. The 25th anniversary is a testament to our resilience, unity, and shared vision. It is a celebration of every individual who has been part of this remarkable journey.

A warm heartly thanks to our dedicated faculty, committed staff, aspiring students, and accomplished alumni, for being the heartbeat of Universal College of Medical Sciences. Together, we have overcome challenges, celebrated victories, and collectively shaped the legacy we stand upon today.

Here's to 25 years of unwavering commitment to excellence, compassion, and innovation. May the coming years be filled with continued success and countless milestones.