Khuma Prasad Aryal

Managing Director

UCMS has completed its 25th year of dedicated service to professional medical education in the country. Over the years, the institute has developed a unique environment and infrastructure capable of delivering medical education and healthcare services of truly global standards. If you are a keen aspirant for education and a career that can command value and prestige in the medical health profession, then this is undoubtedly the place for your advanced exploration. Because of your motivation and dedication, we are able to deliver world-class education and healthcare services. Our institution is committed to the highest standards of medical services, patient care, scientific knowledge, and medical education.

The vision of UCMS is to build a world-class Medical College through excellent teaching, outstanding clinical care, and innovative research. The Institute is looking at its future with excitement. We are expanding our clinical and academic programs and research activities in many important areas. The Institution is actively organizing numerous community outreach programs. To date, the institution has produced more than 1800 MBBS BDS Graduates, 150 Nursing and Paramedical Graduates, and 150 Post Graduates. A number of graduate and postgraduate students have achieved outstanding academic performance and provided excellent clinical service.

The Institute has already made its position in South Asia. We will continue to provide outstanding medical education and care to the community. Understanding your needs, I invite you to find out more about our programs and services. Please feel free to visit our campus and teaching hospital for more information. Welcome to UCMS. We look forward to assisting you in achieving your career goals.